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  • Life Lessons I Have Learned from My Children

    Life Lessons I Have Learned from My Children

    Wait a minute!  I’m the father. I’m the grandfather.  I’m the one that is supposed to be the role model, the one leaving a legacy.  Then why in the name of ancestral protocol am I the one learning life lessons from my own children?   Yes, this father has indeed garnered a powerful lesson from […]

  • Grandfather Therapy

    Grandfather Therapy

    Now, for the first time on is an updated version of one of my most popular Reflections, Grandfather Therapy. Since first published, the number of my grandchildren has doubled.  So have the therapy sessions. So have the lessons learned. I have concluded that grandchildren, or at the very least, the nine who call me […]

  • A Christmas Gift Giving Guide for the Man Who Has Everything

    A Christmas Gift Giving Guide for the Man Who Has Everything

    My children tell me that there is a direct correlation between age and the difficulty of buying gifts.  The older I get, the harder it is to pick out a gift for me.  They are well aware that their father, aka Poppy, has told them on many occasions that he is a man who has […]

  • Constantly Improve Your Position

    Constantly Improve Your Position

    Navy Seals have this well-deserved aura about them.  Hearing one speak always makes me glad they are on our side.  I recall watching a video a few years ago featuring Seal Commander Rorke Denver, who shared a fundamental principle by which Seals work, that to “Constantly Improve Your Position.” Rorke reminded listeners that there is […]

  • A Spiritual Legacy

    A Spiritual Legacy

    It is never easy to contemplate the end of your life when you are in the middle of living it. But long ago I realized if you love your family, you will be sure to have a current and valid will. So, when I recently updated mine, it prompted much thought about what I will […]

  • Generational Thunder – The Tale of Two Women

    Actions have consequences. More often than we may know, those consequences roll down like thunder across generations. For most of us, our parents have the most significant influence upon us. For others, it may be an uncle, an aunt, a close friend, a sports coach or a Sunday School teacher. Looking back over my formative […]

  • The Throne of A Mother’s Grace

    The Throne of A Mother’s Grace

    Friends, Two years ago, I shared via email, a Reflection I titled “Throne of a Mother’s Grace.” Now, with nine grandchildren and Mother’s Day 2018 approaching, I thought I’d honor all of you moms out there by posting an updated version on my new blog. Hope it sparks a few memories of your own. Enjoy, […]

  • Adorable Baseball

    Adorable Baseball

    I never ever thought I’d use the words adorable and baseball in the same sentence, much less a title to a blog post. My apologies to Cooperstown. Traveling to Greensboro recently, my wife and I watched our grandson play second base for the Greene County Athletics. Hitting leadoff, on his first swing, he hammered a […]

  • The 3-Wood Rattle

    “What’s that noise?” That’s the question my playing partner asked following my 2nd shot on a Par 5 hole. After a good drive off the tee, I had pulled out my 3-Wood to make an earnest attempt to get to the green in two. Don’t laugh. It occasionally happens. My playing partner that day knew […]

  • Don’t Forget The Dads

    Don’t Forget The Dads

    You may have read recently about a New York elementary school canceling their annual Father-Daughter Dance in the name of inclusivity, citing a new city education guideline to “eliminate” any “gender-based” practices unless they have a “clear” educational purpose. What you probably did not hear about was how one Dallas, Texas school chose to recognize […]