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  • A Teachable Moment

    It was November 2000 when my twenty-something-year-old daughter, who shall remain anonymous, called me in tears.  On her way to a concert in Atlanta, she had been stopped not once, but twice, by the police — an amazing feat I hoped that neither she, nor any of her four siblings, would ever repeat.   I […]

  • Dads Are Always Going To Be Dads

    Dads Are Always Going To Be Dads

    Newsflash, dads are always going to be dads.  Just ask Jordan Spieth.  Jordan Spieth, 27,  is one of the more popular young professional golfers on the PGA Tour.  A three-time Majors Champion, and winner of 14 professional tournaments, Spieth is known as one of the nicest guys to play the game.  Mothers want to adopt […]

  • Fight Like A Girl

    Fight Like A Girl

    As a ten-year-old boy, being told that I threw a ball like a girl was the ultimate insult.  Adolescents can be cruel with their verbal barbs.  For a young pubescent male, doing anything “like a girl” was akin to being called a sissy.  But today, a phrase like “Fight Like A Girl” carries a new […]

  • A Grand Day

    A Grand Day

    Since 1978, the first Sunday after Labor Day has been designated National Grandparents Day.  The primary intention being the recognition of the importance of seniors and the contributions they have made. Being a grandfather many times over has proven to be every bit the joy I expected.  I agree with one pundit who confessed, “If […]

  • The Most Successful Man I Ever Knew

    On this Father’s Day 2020, I thought I might share a reflection about my Dad. A couple of weeks before my Dad passed away in August of 2005, I had the opportunity to sit with him in his hospital room and talk, one-on-one.  We talked about his health, about family, and about faith.   He […]

  • Big Sexy Hair

    It started as an innocent conversation.  One of those typical dialogues a mother might have with an inquisitive, very bright for his age, six-year-old.  Answering the first grader’s incessant questions had become a primary role for his parents. Now, as mom worked on getting her hair ready for a rare evening out with her husband, […]

  • A Real Superhero

    A Real Superhero

    What is it with children and superheroes?  It has become a normal, if not natural part of childhood to become fascinated with mythological caped crusaders who lead exemplary lives, fight evil, and seek to save the world.  Who from my generation cannot remember the opening line from a popular television series of the 1950s — […]

  • I Am A Poppy And I Am Not OK

    Time for me to fess up.  I have recently been diagnosed with a malady that is becoming increasingly common among people my age. During this pandemic, there is more than one virus with which to be concerned.  Apparently, I have been infected by it. It’s called Grand-Sep-A-20 or GSA-20 for short. A few weeks ago, […]

  • Diary of a Quarantined Homeschool Mom

    Laughter, as one anonymous writer said, is like a windshield wiper.  It doesn’t stop the rain but allows us to keep going. Regardless of why or how, dealing with difficult times with humor has always been a hallmark of the American spirit.  Such is the case during the current Coronavirus crisis.  Some of my favorite […]

  • Mr. Aye-Aye-Aye

    Mr. Aye-Aye-Aye

    Passing down the family name may be tradition, but it’s a tradition fraught with complications. When naming a son after his father, it is a common practice to add a Junior or Jr.  The next generation becomes the 3rd or III.  And so on.  Sounds simple, but it’s not. Comes across as downright honorary and […]