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  • A Ticket of Grace

    With Halloween just two weeks away, I am beginning to get the urge to shout “BOO” to 2020 in hopes it will go away.  This year feels like a daily reliving of Groundhogs Day and Halloween as we wear a mask EVERY day.  Come to think of it, 2020 feels like one of those haunted […]

  • Praying for Tears

    Praying for Tears

    In the 1992 movie, A League of Their Own, Tom Hanks plays the Manager of a women’s baseball team.  One of the most quoted lines of that movie is when Hanks shouts at a player, “There is no crying in baseball!”  Frankly, I think most men feel the same about life.  Shedding tears is not a […]

  • Transition Planning

    Transition Planning

    Let’s be honest.  Death is not something we like to discuss.  We don’t want to think about it, plan for it, much less talk about it.  It is an uncomfortable topic of discussion, much like wearing a scratchy wool sweater in the heat of the summer — it’s neither fashionable nor comfortable. I remember years […]

  • Finding My Voice

    Finding My Voice

    I have a confession to make.  As a Christian, there were times when I could be arrogant and judgmental.  This critical spirit manifested itself especially as it regarded one’s prayer life. That was until 2011.  Up until then, I considered the best prayers to be those spontaneous, heartfelt expressions spoken from one’s heart.  No rote […]

  • Names Worth Remembering

    Names Worth Remembering

    Some places conjure up more than pleasant vacation memories. They trigger emotions, prompting a momentary pause to reflect, to reminisce, to remember.  These places have names, names that are more than a geographic spot on a map, names that echo across time. Names that might or should cause us to pause, to bow your head, […]

  • I Am A Poppy And I Am Not OK

    Time for me to fess up.  I have recently been diagnosed with a malady that is becoming increasingly common among people my age. During this pandemic, there is more than one virus with which to be concerned.  Apparently, I have been infected by it. It’s called Grand-Sep-A-20 or GSA-20 for short. A few weeks ago, […]

  • Tears of Grace

    It was the day after Christmas 2019, and the last place I wanted to go was the local Mall and face the crowds of people returning unwanted gifts.  Yet here in a crowded suburban mall, it was I who received an unexpected gift…one wrapped in tears of grace. Even as I type this, my emotions […]

  • The Great Musician’s Birthday

    The Great Musician’s Birthday

    Grief shouts the loudest during holidays.  Following the loss of a loved one, those left behind must navigate a minefield of emotions during those first holidays without their beloved.  And who wants to talk about such a gloomy subject at a time like Christmas?   For most of my adult life, grief was never an […]

  • Shouldn’t Love Come with a Warning Label?

    Love should come with a warning label just like everything else does these days. Except it should be in bold print and italicized in red ink. Reading the warning labels on many consumer products in these litigious times can be a source of humor. Maybe out of an abundance of caution, or just because they […]

  • The Tale of Three Wedding Rings

    The Tale of Three Wedding Rings

    The wedding ring has long symbolized endless, eternal love.  A circle, with no beginning or end, is said to symbolize infinity. A gold wedding band first adorned the fourth finger of my left hand on September 2, 1972.  I planned to wear it forever. Now, three wedding rings later, I have a story to share […]