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  • Writing Opportunities Abound

    Some of my readers have been asking, ”What’s up?  The frequency of your blog posts has dropped!” True enough. Since I started this blog three and a half years ago, has averaged 4-5 posts per month.  Since April, it has been only 2-3 per month.  Have I suddenly grown speechless?  Have I lost my […]

  • Freedom Matters – Part 2

    Freedom Matters – Part 2

    Happy July 4th everyone!  As America celebrates our annual salute to Independence, I cannot help but be mindful of the confusing state we find ourselves in 2020.  A pandemic that won’t go away, riots and anarchy that seem to be growing in intensity and frequency along with a Sahara Dust Plume shadowing our land has […]

  • A Star-Spangled​ Midnight Mirage

    A Star-Spangled​ Midnight Mirage

    Recently Nike decided to recall from the marketplace their newest brand of sneakers featuring the first U.S. flag designed by Betsy Ross. Colin Kaepernick, former NFL quarterback and current cause celebre activist, led the charge to protest Nike’s use of America’s Old Glory.  Claiming that this 13-star flag is associated with the era of slavery, […]