The American Dunkirk and The Indispensables

World War II history buffs recall the British retreat at Dunkirk.  Backed against the sea, the British miraculously evacuated most of their forces despite being cornered by the unstoppable German war machine. This Allied defeat actually saved the British, French, and Belgian forces to fight another day and ultimately win the war. But did you … Continue reading The American Dunkirk and The Indispensables

Female Reindeer?

We had our now traditional Christmas Eve Eve Family Gathering yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed the blessings of being together with sons and daughters and spouses and GRANDKIDS!!!!!  The joys of Christmas are magnified when celebrated with family. And, as usually happens when this clan gathers, memories are made, and stories are created for future Christmas … Continue reading Female Reindeer?

Clarifying Confusing Culinary Terms

I am a man uneasy with vagueness, approximations, and the lack of specificity. For me,  “Close enough” is the mission statement of mediocrity. I am an analytical, left-brain, logical, linear thinker that finds peace, confidence, and comfort in knowing specifics and details.  Formulas are meant to be followed.  Recipes specify ingredients for a reason. Deviations … Continue reading Clarifying Confusing Culinary Terms