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  • We Saved A Hummingbird Today

    We Saved A Hummingbird Today

    We saved a hummingbird today.   By we, I mean my grandson Luke and I.  Walking into the garage this morning, Luke spotted the ailing bird standing frozen upon the garage floor.  Sadly, it’s a sight we have seen before.  Hummingbirds, for some reason, are attracted to our garage, and once inside, they cannot find […]

  • Are You Dying To Have Sex?

    Sex is no big deal, they say.  Everybody’s doing it, they say.  If it feels good, do it, they say.  It makes me wonder who exactly “they” are? This reminds me of a conversation I had with a colleague before he retired.  He and his wife had just bought a home in a large retirement […]

  • 3 + 200 = 92

    After writing my grandmother’s memoirs in the late 1990s, I realized I should start sharing my own stories and personal reflections.  A growing number of friends and family agreed as requests to be included in my email list continued to grow, if for no other reason than curiosity as to what “that fool will write […]

  • Isn’t That Romantic?

    Did you ever consider the word “That” to be romantic?  I discovered so just this past week.  Or so I thought. My wife serves as editor for my musings on  Without her, I would dangle far too many participles, misplace a truckload of commas, and overuse passive verbs.  This time, her editing prompted a […]

  • Clarifying Confusing Culinary Terms

    Clarifying Confusing Culinary Terms

    I am a man uneasy with vagueness, approximations, and the lack of specificity. For me,  “Close enough” is the mission statement of mediocrity. I am an analytical, left-brain, logical, linear thinker that finds peace, confidence, and comfort in knowing specifics and details.  Formulas are meant to be followed.  Recipes specify ingredients for a reason. Deviations […]

  • The Right to Choose…What?

    But then, maybe they had “pro-choice” abolitionists in 1860 too.This may be one of those moments when passion overcomes prudence, as I cannot remain silent in the face of such seduction. This may be one of those moments when passion overcomes prudence, as I cannot remain silent in the face of such seduction. We have […]

  • The Summer I Learned to Read

    Friends, Today, January 23rd,  is National Reading Day.  Reading is something many of us take for granted, but after hearing my wife share about her own experience of learning to read English, I asked permission to share her story on my blog.  I hope you find it encouraging as well. ***************************************************************** The Summer I Learned […]

  • Amen to That!

    Apparently, in an effort to be more gender- and deity-inclusive, House Democratic Representative Emanuel Cleaver of Missouri ended the opening prayer of 117th Congress this past Sunday with “Amen and a-woman.” I guess he forgot to say, “a-person.” Was he making a joke?  Nobody is laughing. To make matters even more confusing, Rep. Cleaver is […]

  • A Resolution of Words for 2021

    A Resolution of Words for 2021

    It’s that time of year to unpack from storage that word we only seem to use in January.  You know what I am talking about – Resolutions. One could argue that human nature being what it is, that the annual practice of making New Year’s Resolutions is but an exercise in futility.  Eventually, we all […]

  • Safe at Home – Part 2

    Unless you own stock in face masks, hand sanitizers, and ZOOM, you probably cannot wait for 2021 to arrive.  Such anticipation carries with it the hopes of a vaccine and life returning to normal. Though I suspect the new normal will only be a state of constant change.  The negative consequences of this pandemic have […]