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  • The Rescue of Two

    The Rescue of Two

    “Two came in the screened porch, Poppy!” My four-year-old grandson had an urgent sound in his voice. It was mid-afternoon on a lovely Spring day when I sat down on my patio to enjoy a glass of iced tea after finishing some yard work. Confused, I replied with a simple, “Two?   “Yes, Poppy, Two […]

  • Misty Eyes and the Ashokan Farewell Waltz

    Misty Eyes and the Ashokan Farewell Waltz

    Music has power — to elevate your mood, lower stress, and even improve your blood flow. Depending on the tempo and chord progression, music can calm one’s spirit or tug tenderly on your heartstrings. I was reminded recently of one melody that, for me, often prompts a search for Kleenex.  Three notes and my eyes […]

  • Woke is Broke

    I usually steer clear of too much political opining, but a recent Facebook post by a friend prompted me to ponder in writing what it means to be “woke.”  Unless you have been on Mars for the past several years, you know that the verb describing the status of sleep has morphed into an adjective […]

  • I Love Pink Balls and I Cannot Lie

    I Love Pink Balls and I Cannot Lie

    Allow me to be more specific.  I love pink GOLF balls.  Especially the pink florescent golf balls given to me by my granddaughter. For you non-golfers out there, golf balls come in a variety of colors with white being the dominant color by far.  Unless you are playing in the snow, then you have bigger […]

  • Conversations With A Four-Year-Old

    Life is full of tears, fears, and cheers.  Hopefully, it is also punctuated with moments of sheer laughter.  This post has but one purpose — to put a smile on your face and inspire you to take notes when in conversation with any four-year-olds who inhabit your universe. One of life’s fundamental realities is that […]

  • Navigating the January Darkness

    Navigating the January Darkness

    While there is great debate about when you take down the Christmas decorations, lights, and tree, there is almost universal agreement that once the decorations are put away, the once brightly decorated home takes on the appearance of a barren moonscape. It’s actually rather depressing. The post-holiday home seems empty, dark, and sterile. Christmas and […]

  • The American Dunkirk and The Indispensables

    The American Dunkirk and The Indispensables

    World War II history buffs recall the British retreat at Dunkirk.  Backed against the sea, the British miraculously evacuated most of their forces despite being cornered by the unstoppable German war machine. This Allied defeat actually saved the British, French, and Belgian forces to fight another day and ultimately win the war. But did you […]

  • Female Reindeer?

    We had our now traditional Christmas Eve Eve Family Gathering yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed the blessings of being together with sons and daughters and spouses and GRANDKIDS!!!!!  The joys of Christmas are magnified when celebrated with family. And, as usually happens when this clan gathers, memories are made, and stories are created for future Christmas […]

  • Don’t Drink The Kool-Aid

    Growing up, Kool-Aid was a welcome refreshment on hot summer afternoons. Television commercials touted this 1950s version of an energy drink for the fun it provided, the ease of mixing it, and its mom-loving low cost. Years later, I realized the sugar content of all soft drinks, including Kool-Aid, served as a shortcut to the […]

  • The Sacrifice of Freedom for Order

    The Sacrifice of Freedom for Order

    What do a 1980s evangelist, an Imperial Officer of the Galactic Empire, and the current Bishop of Los Angeles have in common? I connected those dots recently when three of my grandsons spent a weekend with us.  As we continued watching the Star Wars spinoff series called  The Mandalorian, the “aha” moment occurred during a […]