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  • I Love Pink Balls and I Cannot Lie

    I Love Pink Balls and I Cannot Lie

    Allow me to be more specific.  I love pink GOLF balls.  Especially the pink florescent golf balls given to me by my granddaughter. For you non-golfers out there, golf balls come in a variety of colors with white being the dominant color by far.  Unless you are playing in the snow, then you have bigger […]

  • A Gentleman’s Game?

    A Gentleman’s Game?

    In the movie Bagger Vance, young Hardy Greaves, played by J. Michael Moncrief, caddies for Matt Damon’s character, Rannulph Junuh.  Hardy sums up his view on the game of golf, “Ask anybody. It’s fun. It’s hard, and you stand out there on that green, green grass, and it’s just you and the ball, and there […]

  • What A Caddie Taught Me About Encouragement

    What A Caddie Taught Me About Encouragement

    This past week I was invited to play a round of golf at East Lake Golf Club in Decatur, Georgia.  East Lake is no ordinary club.  It’s the site of the Tour Championship, the culminating event of the PGA TOUR Playoffs for the FedEx Cup. More importantly, it was also the home course for golfing […]

  • The Ultimate Mulligan*

    The Ultimate Mulligan*

    The term “mulligan” has become rather commonplace in our culture.  In golfing parlance, it refers to a player being granted a do-over after a less than satisfactory shot.  In popular culture, it simply means a person gets a second chance to get something right. I always understood that mulligans in golf were something granted by one […]

  • A Man Named Donnie*

    The calendar was full, the East Georgia weather was boiling, and somehow, I wanted to squeeze in a round of golf.  It may be Spring in Georgia but sauna-like humidity already envelopes anyone adventurous enough to step outside, much less play 18 holes of golf in the middle of a sun-drenched afternoon. My wife wondered […]

  • Mastering Sportsmanship

    Mastering Sportsmanship

    The 2019 Masters Golf Tournament starts this week.  It is here, at this “tradition like no other” golf tournament, where courtesy and respect permeate the atmosphere.  Players, patrons, and even the sports announcers are expected to observe traditional forms of etiquette and display respectful behavior.  Rowdiness, in any form, is a big no-no and risks […]

  • Outdriven by a Putter

    Outdriven by a Putter

    Friends, several years ago I shared the story below with a few friends.  I am publishing it now for the first time on so that all my blog followers can enjoy how easy and quick a golfer can be humbled by the the game of golf!  So while I continue my search for the […]

  • In Defense of Four-Letter Words

    In Defense of Four-Letter Words

    Four-letter words have a bad rap. A synonym for cussing for as long as I can remember, speaking one of these bawdry four-letter words in my youth always resulted in a certain mouth being washed out with a bar of soap. It is only a wicked coincidence that the word “soap” also possesses a mere […]

  • Tee Time?

    Tee Time?

    My wife approached with an inspiring grin on her face. “Now that I am retired, I am hoping we could share a tee time soon.” Startled, my only response was an enthusiastic “Sure!” I remembered she does have a pink golf bag stuffed with a complete set of irons and woods adorned with pink headcovers. […]

  • Bubba and the Masters

    Bubba and the Masters

    It is springtime in Georgia. Yes, the azaleas are blooming and the pine pollen has blanketed Georgia with its powder of a golden hue. Neighborhood lawnmowers are cranking up and I am already wearing shorts and sandals. Yet, the truest indication that Spring has arrived is when a local Augusta furniture store advertises the number […]