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I Love Pink Balls and I Cannot Lie

Allow me to be more specific.  I love pink GOLF balls.  Especially the pink florescent golf balls given to me by my granddaughter.

For you non-golfers out there, golf balls come in a variety of colors with white being the dominant color by far.  Unless you are playing in the snow, then you have bigger issues than your ball’s color.

In recent years I have used yellow golf balls, if for no other reason than it allows me to quickly determine which ball is mine, assuming my playing partners are all playing with the customary white ball.  However, there are different colors to choose from.  Red, orange, even blue balls are available.  I have never seen a green ball for obvious reasons.  Still, other balls have been tattooed to look like soccer balls. All golf balls must be of the same size and dimpled shape, but the creative golf gods find their expression in optional colors and design.

Yes, even golf balls can be a blank canvas for the imaginative designer.

So, when on my birthday, a pretty little seven-year-old girl, who just happens to share my genes, approached me with a box of pink balls, a zealous hug, a kiss, and a heart-melting smile and said, “Happy Birthday Poppy!” You bet I gladly accepted her gift of a box of glowing pink Callaway golf balls.  Batteries were not included as they were not necessary. These balls could be easily located from an outer-space overhead satellite.

Besides, when I played with them this week, I shot nine strokes better than the last time I played!


I’m not sure, but I am not taking any chances — I am playing these pink balls during my next round.

I love pink golf balls and I cannot lie.

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