The Eight Most Overlooked, Under-Appreciated, and Often Ignored Words in the Bible

Words matter.  Words have power.  The saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me,” may fend off the verbal assaults of childhood bullies, but the fact remains, words can hurt.  Deeply.  Broken bones heal, while the emotional wounds of spiteful words may linger for a lifetime. Yet, words can … Continue reading The Eight Most Overlooked, Under-Appreciated, and Often Ignored Words in the Bible

The American Dunkirk and The Indispensables

World War II history buffs recall the British retreat at Dunkirk.  Backed against the sea, the British miraculously evacuated most of their forces despite being cornered by the unstoppable German war machine. This Allied defeat actually saved the British, French, and Belgian forces to fight another day and ultimately win the war. But did you … Continue reading The American Dunkirk and The Indispensables

The Invasion

The Invasion had been planned for centuries. The evil Prince had rebelled against his Sovereign King and delighted in using lies and deceptions to torment the people of his former Sovereign. He sneered at his captives. He mocked how they were powerless to resist his temptations. They were his slaves now and served only him … Continue reading The Invasion

Ethical Ways of Viewing Porn?

Is it possible to sugarcoat evil?  To normalize the reprehensible? To rationalize doing immoral things?  Apparently, in today’s culture, the answer is “yes.” Axis is a Christian-based media organization aimed at helping parents navigate the cultural changes that impact teens.  They have a periodic email called “Culture Translation” that sums up current cultural trends. It’s … Continue reading Ethical Ways of Viewing Porn?