Finding My Voice

I have a confession to make.  As a Christian, there were times when I could be arrogant and judgmental.  This critical spirit manifested itself especially as it regarded one’s prayer life. That was until 2011.  Up until then, I considered the best prayers to be those spontaneous, heartfelt expressions spoken from one’s heart.  No rote … Continue reading Finding My Voice

Shaken Up!

Today’s blog post is not my own.  It belongs to a friend of mine, Mark Closson, who is a pilot with a leading airline.  He’s also frustrated with the current state of affairs that we Americans find ourselves.  He recently shared his perspective with a few friends in the Reflection below titled, “Shaken Up!”  After … Continue reading Shaken Up!

Supper’s Ready

The power of words to change hearts is something I will never fully understand.  Appreciate?  Yes.  Understand?  No. A certain survey asked Americans what they longed to hear someone say to them.  Three answers stood out.  The first one is no surprise.  “I love you.”  The second one you might have guessed.  “I forgive you.”  … Continue reading Supper’s Ready