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  • Lessons on Marriage from the Devil

    Can we learn anything from Satan other than the consequences of excessive pride? I think so. Consider these fundamentals: So, knowing that Satan hates humanity and marriage, are there insights we can learn about marriage by studying what the Devil despises? In a recent article at, titled Exorcist says there are 3 ways Satan likes […]

  • Defining Success

    Rummaging through the attic this week, I found some old high school trophies. Half a century ago, these treasured testaments sat proudly on a shelf displaying my teenage achievements.  “MVP,” “Most Likely to…,” “Best All-Around..”  Well, you get the idea.  Yet, today, these long-forgotten, bygone memories are rusting and collecting dust in a box that […]

  • Success Sickness

    Growing old is, what can I say, an adventure? Arthritis is like a non-stop robocall that keeps ringing at all times of the day or night. Then there are those senior moments when I forget why I walked upstairs.  Now entering my eighth decade of life, I have to live with the fact I am […]

  • The Case for Gentleness

    When I hear the word gentle or gentleness, the first thing that comes to mind are the words we used to encourage our eight-year-old son holding his newborn sister for the first time. “Be gentle.” Or the words we encourage a child petting a dog — “Be gentle.” The problem with gentleness is that it […]

  • The Stenographer

    The widow had to wonder as all who grieve do — Why? Why now?  Gertrude had only been married seven years before her husband died unexpectedly after surgery for appendicitis. Their daughter had only recently turned four years of age. No doubt, she asked herself, and her God, “What do I do now?” She had […]

  • Celebrating Freedom

    Celebrating Freedom

    I approach this July 4th with what can be best described as mixed emotions. Most certainly, I want to celebrate the birth of our great Republic.  Oh, how youthful memories flow of those 4ths of  July spent at baseball tournaments or family reunions at my grandmother’s.  As a young adult, many an Independence Day meant a trek to my […]

  • The Warning Lights Are Growing Brighter

    A recent Facebook post aimed at the under-50 demographic prompted a smile and a chuckle for its innate wisdom.  “Y’all better enjoy your 20s, 30s, and 40s.  Because in your 50s, that check engine light is gonna come on.” How true! I might add you can also expect an unwelcome guest to show up — […]

  • Forgetting God

    Boris had lost hope. All hope. Unjustly imprisoned in a filthy prison camp far from home, he had all but given up. Life wasn’t worth living anymore. Having grown up in Stalinist Russia, Boris was a dedicated Communist. He was also a Jew. He had no love for the Czar and the Christian Orthodox believers […]

  • What is Man That Thou Art Mindful of Him?

    It may come as a surprise to 21st Century Americans that the original official motto of Harvard University, first adopted in 1692, was Veritas Christo et Ecclesiae, Latin for “Truth . . . for Christ and the Church.”  In the 17th and 18th centuries, Harvard students were encouraged to have a biblical worldview and embrace […]

  • God’s Paintbrush at Work

    God’s Paintbrush at Work

    I have mixed emotions about Facebook. But one feature I do enjoy is the occasional memories that pop up. These heartwarming reminders, more often than not, spark a laugh, prompt a smile, or, more likely, a shake of the head as I wonder — has it been that long? This week’s Facebook memory is a […]