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  • Dollars and Sense — Part 4

    Dollars and Sense — Part 4

    After Part 1 of this series on Dollars and Sense, a friend reminded me how in the late 1970s my late wife and I helped him and his wife use the envelope system to set up their budget and account for every penny they spent.  They credit that advice to helping them get out and […]

  • Dollars and Sense — Part 3

    Dollars and Sense — Part 3

    As noted in my opening post, financial freedom, or at least its foundation, is located at the corner of Word and Wise. The last post surveyed the biblical view of money, the Word. This post shares lessons from the Wise, that is, financial wisdom garnered from those whose life experience validate their credibility. Besides, learning […]

  • Dollars and Sense – Part 2

    Dollars and Sense – Part 2

    As a husband and father, I sought to have an attitude of “Always a Student.”  Lifelong learning wasn’t just a hobby; it was a vocation, a necessary tool to survive the ups and downs of life. I explained that mindset in more detail in my blog post  Constantly Improve Your Position, dated August 16, 2018. […]

  • Dollars and Sense — Part 1

    Dollars and Sense — Part 1

    What’s the best financial advice you ever got? We live in a time when financial freedom is a dream rather than a reality for most Americans.  Debt has become a way of life, a reluctant but inevitable cost of fulfilling wants and desires.  We have fallen under the beguiling spell that we can borrow our […]

  • We Saved A Hummingbird Today

    We Saved A Hummingbird Today

    We saved a hummingbird today.   By we, I mean my grandson Luke and I.  Walking into the garage this morning, Luke spotted the ailing bird standing frozen upon the garage floor.  Sadly, it’s a sight we have seen before.  Hummingbirds, for some reason, are attracted to our garage, and once inside, they cannot find […]

  • The Scent of a Flower We Have Yet to Find

    The Scent of a Flower We Have Yet to Find

    I have learned so much since I knew it all. My retirement years have taught me how little I really know about life.  So many times in years gone by, I was tempted to follow the world’s path to success and happiness, rather than a more righteous walk in significance and contentment.  There were moments […]

  • Making the Most of Every Opportunity

    Today I took a step back to readjust my perspective, refocus my priorities, and  recalibrate my values. We live in an age of distractions as multiple media outlets flood the digital ethos for our attention.  Facebook rants politicize seemingly every issue. The meaning of words continue to be distorted, and sexual identities are growing so […]

  • Theology Lessons from a Three-Year-Old

    Theology Lessons from a Three-Year-Old

    If meat and potatoes are comfort food, then spending time with my grandchildren is soul food —  in more ways than one.  You finally understand why  the word “grandchildren” includes the letters g-r-a-n-d.  Watching them sleep redefines the word precious.  And listening to their observations of the universe makes you want to fall on your […]

  • One More Day

    Yesterday was a rainy day in Georgia, with the kind of rhythmic dance upon the roof that prompts you to either take a nap or read a good book.   The calming, constant pitter-patter promoted a healthy ambiance that comforted my soul.  Rather than reading or napping, I used the soothing backdrop of tranquility to […]

  • Praying for Dead Birds

    My youngest grandson, Luke, has been spending some time with his Nonni and Poppy this Spring. He is three and a half years old, going on thirty. He is at that stage where seemingly every question begins with “why,” his favorite exclamation is “Mine,” and every sentence includes the word “exactly” — as in “Poppy, […]