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  • The Story Behind the Book I Never Wanted to Write

    This post is about a book I never wanted to write, but one I needed to write. It is a book about grief, my own heart-rendering, spirit-crushing journey through the valley of tears. Why would I be so transparent about something so intrinsically personal? Here’s the story behind the book. In 2005, I lost my […]

  • The Holy Wardrobe of Kindness

    The Holy Wardrobe of Kindness

    For ten long grueling weeks, I have had to wear a hard cast on my lower leg. Unable to place any pressure on that leg put me in the unusual position of having to frequently rely on the kindness of others. It ain’t been easy. For most of my life, I have been healthy. I […]

  • Cupid, We Have A Problem

    Uh-oh. Cupid, we have a problem. Or do we? For the first time in 73 years, Ash Wednesday will fall on February 14th otherwise known as St. Valentine’s Day. For those of us whose Christian faith tradition includes the Lenten season of fasting and prayer, this awkward conflict between sacred and secular poses a potential […]