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What This Grandfather Wants for Christmas

My adult children struggle to buy Christmas gifts for me.  It’s not really as bad as it sounds.  They have just run out of gift ideas for their dad.  Usually, in early November, the pleading starts, “Dad, we need your list of what you want for Christmas!”

I have a problem answering that question.  As an official Senior Citizen having lived long enough to qualify for Medicare and Social Security, I find myself as someone who has everything I need and most of what I want. How could I be more blessed than I am already?  Still, they ask.

When pushed, cajoled, and berated enough, I usually provide a list that jokingly begins with a new GMC extended cab pickup truck, equipped with leather seats and that fancy newly designed tailgate thing-a-ma-gig.  Either that or a hardback copy of the latest John Grisham novel.  A dozen Titleist golf balls would be nice too.   But seriously, none of those are needs, just pure wants.

The older I get, the more distressed I am that Christmas has become more about sales of the latest fads and less about God’s gift to us,  more Happy Holidays and less Merry Christmas,  more Hallmark movies that color Christmas as just a time for family togetherness and less about worshipping together as a family.

So what does this Grandfather really want for Christmas?  Last year, I made my first attempt to answer that question with a blog post titled, “A Christmas Gift Giving Guide for the Man Who Has Everything. (https://wordpress.com/post/thebuddyblog.com/438).  This year, I refined my list, only slightly, to better reflect my heart’s desire.

Here’s my updated list:

  • I want the gift of hugs — every time I see my children and grandchildren.
  • I want the gift of time — to talk with each of my children on a regular basis just to catch up and tell them I love them.
  • I want the gift of story — to hear every funny thing my grandchildren do and say.
  • I want the gift of faith — to see my children and grandchildren grow in their relationship with our Lord and Savior.
  • I want the gift of words — a note of love and encouragement from those I love.
  • I want the gift of perspective — that my grandchildren will grow up to value God’s gift wrapped in a manger more than any gift wrapped under a tree.

Of course, I hope to give a few precious gifts as well.

  • I want to give the gift of anticipation — that my children always feel like they are unwrapping a Christmas gift every time they enter our home.
  • I want to give the gift of change — that I am a better man after Christmas than I was before it.
  • I want to give the gift of generosity — that I may give gifts to my family that impact them long after the tree is taken down and the decorations are put away.

Those Christmas gifts are the ones truly full of tidings of comfort and joy.  And guaranteed to start my soul a singing.

And they are a lot cheaper than a GMC pickup truck!  And more priceless too.

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  1. cindy d

    Beautifully stated and I agree!

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  2. Peter Sposaro

    Amen Buddy. Love the message!


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