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  • Memory Tattoos

    Memory Tattoos

    Every once in a while, I come across an article that possesses such insight, such wisdom that it is worth reading over and over again. It is not only worth keeping but sharing as well. Sifting through a box I had labeled “do not throw away,” I stumbled across an older correspondence entitled, “Memory Tattoos.” […]

  • Grace for the Grieving  –  What to Say at a Funeral Home and a Few Things Not to

    Grace for the Grieving – What to Say at a Funeral Home and a Few Things Not to

    Let’s take a vote. A show of hands please of how many people look forward to visiting a funeral home? Nobody? Thought so. You are not alone. Visiting a funeral home ranks right up there with root canals and eating fruitcake. Face it. You never know what to say. You are not sure how long […]

  • The Great Cemetery Gratefulness Tour of 2018

    The Great Cemetery Gratefulness Tour of 2018

    Today is November 1st. On the Christian calendar, it is a holy day of remembrance. Called All Saints Day, it is a time to remember and honor the faithful departed. Recently, my wife and I did just that when we took a self-designed cemetery tour. While you may think that we have run out of […]

  • October – A Time to Stop Bungee Jumping

    I have mixed emotions about October. There is much to love in this first full month of Fall.  Autumn’s beauty bursting forth, summer’s heat waves cooled by northerly breezes, Fall Festivals abound, the World Series caps a long baseball season, college football is in full swing, and stores are full of Halloween candy, costumes and the […]

  • Avoiding the Insanity of Immobility

    Avoiding the Insanity of Immobility

    Here I go again. This past week I had surgery on my right heel to remove a bone spur that was aggravating my Achilles tendon. If that sounds familiar, it is almost the identical surgery I had on my left heel last Christmas. So, once again, I am facing 7-8 weeks of immobility as I […]

  • Potty Talk

    Potty Talk

    Over the past year, I have grown weary of hearing politicians, on both sides of the aisle, spew forth mean and vile language that has no place in the public discourse. Their angry rhetoric reminds me of two kids fighting in a mud puddle. Everyone gets dirty. Is anyone else tired of all this potty […]

  • Quenching the Flames of Resentment

    Quenching the Flames of Resentment

    I believe in absolute truths. When my oldest son was nine years old, he thought he would play Superman and jump off the roof of our garden shed. Halfway way down, he suddenly realized he was about to give a personal, painful demonstration of the law of gravity. Just as there are physical principles that […]

  • In Defense of Four-Letter Words

    In Defense of Four-Letter Words

    Four-letter words have a bad rap. A synonym for cussing for as long as I can remember, speaking one of these bawdry four-letter words in my youth always resulted in a certain mouth being washed out with a bar of soap. It is only a wicked coincidence that the word “soap” also possesses a mere […]

  • ​The Dutch Code in Love and War

    ​The Dutch Code in Love and War

    I have no idea what it is like to be separated from your wife during a time of war. My wife Kathryn Patrice and I have never spent more than three days apart. My late wife Mary and I never spent more than two weeks apart. Maybe that’s why I found a 1940’s note by […]

  • The Master Woodworker

    The Master Woodworker

    You wouldn’t know it to look at him, but my friend, Dick Willits, is a Master Woodworker. Nor would he be comfortable with such an exalted moniker. Now in his 80’s and long retired, Dick took up woodworking in his later years. Not sure if it was a repressed passion of his or that his […]