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Grandkids are Good Medicine

As you may have noticed by now, my blog posts vary widely in topic and tone.  For my last post of January 2020, I think it’s time to enjoy a chuckle.

It is a common saying for grandparents that if they knew grandchildren would be this much fun, they would have had them first.  I often think that the author of Proverbs had grandchildren in mind when he wrote, “A cheerful heart is good medicine.”  (Proverbs 17:22)   If that be the case, my grands’ have a Ph.D. in prescribing good medicine.

I have begun to keep a log of their quips, quotes, and curious questions.  When my heart needs cheering, I take a dose of good cheer by reading my log of grandchildren’s quotes.  Better yet, just spend more time with them, and my spirit will be making merry in a heartbeat.

This past week I spent a couple of nights with the family of one of my daughters.  The first night was family movie night, and since her seven-year-old has just discovered Star Wars, we watched episode 2 of the saga of a galaxy far, far away.  Cuddling up close to his Poppy, with a firm grasp on a bag of his favorite barbecue potato chips, my grandson looked up to me and said, “Poppy, this is the life!  My heart cheered!

Another dose of good medicine received.

Last month this same seven-year-old grandson decided to have some fun at his mother’s expense.   This home-schooled first-grader waited until his mom had stepped into the restroom and promptly posted a note on the door.  Opening the door, my daughter discovered a handwritten note that read.

“I went to the store.  
I’ll be back about 6:30.  
I took your van.
Love, your son.”

When I asked her if she ran to the driveway to check on her van, she laughed and said that as a home-schooling parent, her first response was how impressed she was that her son had used proper punctuation, proper grammar, used complete sentences, and started each one with capital letters, and even used contractions.  Not bad for a first-grader.

Yet another dose of gooood medicine.

Proverbs 17:6 says that “Grandchildren are the crown of old men.”  With nine grandchildren under the age of eight, my crown has many jewels.  But best of all, my heart receives a constant cheerful dose of some REALLY good medicine.


(1) For a related post, see Grandfather Therapy, February 27, 2019 https://wordpress.com/post/thebuddyblog.com/481
(2) Photo by Ben White at Unsplash.com

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