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  • Love Lifted Me

    Love Lifted Me

      Soon after our wedding last year, I discovered an unexpected blessing from having married a woman who can sing. Patrice serves as one of the cantors who leads our church congregation in singing. She has perfect pitch and a musical range that few possess. Yes, I am not at all objective about this, but […]

  • My Digory Moment

      There are those among us who consider the reading of fiction to be a supreme waste of time, at best pure escapism. I am not among them. I will be the first to admit there is a lot of literature that deserves the dust it gathers. Yet reading fiction for me has never been […]

  • Power in the Blood

    James Harrison was 14 years old and could not help but wonder, “Why me?” He had just undergone an eleven-hour-long surgery to remove a lung. He required 13 units of blood to save his life and still had to spend the next three months in a hospital. Troublesome times for an Australian teenager in 1951. […]

  • The Throne of A Mother’s Grace

    The Throne of A Mother’s Grace

    Friends, Two years ago, I shared via email, a Reflection I titled “Throne of a Mother’s Grace.” Now, with nine grandchildren and Mother’s Day 2018 approaching, I thought I’d honor all of you moms out there by posting an updated version on my new blog. Hope it sparks a few memories of your own. Enjoy, […]

  • The Great Collectible

    Since 2010, America has been fascinated with a History Channel television reality series named American Pickers. The camera follows Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz as they scour the country looking for antiques and collectible items. Mike has a penchant for old motorcycles; Frank adores antique toys. Regardless, these two fun-loving, affable characters scrounge through dilapidated […]

  • Is the Bible Overrated?

    The New York elite have spoken out once again. For us unsophisticated illiterates who live outside the cultural center of the universe, prepare to be enlightened. According to a New York City-based magazine, the Bible is overrated. First, it was the New Yorker Magazine who published an article on April 13th titled, “Chick-fil-A’s Creepy Infiltration of […]

  • The Story Behind the Book I Never Wanted to Write

    This post is about a book I never wanted to write, but one I needed to write. It is a book about grief, my own heart-rendering, spirit-crushing journey through the valley of tears. Why would I be so transparent about something so intrinsically personal? Here’s the story behind the book. In 2005, I lost my […]

  • Proclamation 97

    Today our nation is divided. It seems that such division exists in every level of society. Have we ever seen such hate speech, name-calling or anger? Whether liberal or conservative, I hope you can see that the clash of Worldviews has created what amounts to an angry stalemate. Maybe what our country needs is less […]

  • The Fire That Lights Our Way

    The Fire That Lights Our Way

    Recently my wife approached me with one of those looks alerting me she had something important to say. In a gleeful tone, she announced that her “saint day” was drawing near. I thought, “OK, that’s nice.” Seeing my apparent indifference to her comments, she proceeded to explain that growing up, celebrating her “saint day” was […]

  • The Holy Wardrobe of Kindness

    The Holy Wardrobe of Kindness

    For ten long grueling weeks, I have had to wear a hard cast on my lower leg. Unable to place any pressure on that leg put me in the unusual position of having to frequently rely on the kindness of others. It ain’t been easy. For most of my life, I have been healthy. I […]