3 + 200 = 92

After writing my grandmother’s memoirs in the late 1990s, I realized I should start sharing my own stories and personal reflections.  A growing number of friends and family agreed as requests to be included in my email list continued to grow, if for no other reason than curiosity as to what “that fool will write about next.”

A few years ago, those closest to me encouraged me to start a blog.  But being labeled a “blogger” didn’t sound very complimentary.  More like a fiery collision of codger, booger, fogger, and blowhard.  Nope, not interested in being called a blogger.

But then, I have been called worse.

Usually, people who love you are polite and understanding as they nudge you to do something they know is right for you.  When such positive, encouraging efforts failed to accomplish their goal, they nudged a little stronger.  Ok, maybe shoved is the more accurate term.   And thus, this Buddy went kicking and screaming into the blogosphere.

And I am glad I did.

As I have noted in previous writings, it eventually dawned on me that the days ahead of me are fewer than those behind me (I turned 70 this week.)  Not to be morbid, but my days (like yours) are numbered; I just don’t know what that number is.  God willing, I will live long enough to see my grandchildren grow up.  When I finally decided to start blogging, I did so primarily as a means of leaving behind a legacy of words (that hopefully complement my legacy of life and faith) for my grandchildren to know who their Poppy was and what he thought about the essential things in life. 

So as I began to write and post, a surprising thing happened.  My readers and followers started to grow.  Though my initial writing attempts may have had a paternal motivation, the results produced an international response.  I began to keep track of the national origin of my readers.  Zimbabwe, Romania, Serbia, Pakistan, Argentina, the list grew with each post.  It went from being a fascinating curiosity to a sobering awareness of the power of the internet and the discovery of other like-minded folk across the globe.  

In three years, TheBuddyBlog.com has, with my most recent blog post, hit the 200-post milestone.  My postings have been read in 92 countries – so far.   Hence the title.  I must confess that this is all quite humbling and a little weird that a blog that started as an ancestral gift to my grandchildren morphed into a blog with readership in 92 countries.  That noise you hear is me scratching my head, trying to figure out what just happened.

Writing keeps my mind sharp, while your comments and feedback keep me humble and motivated.  Whether you be my cousin, a dear friend, or someone from Taiwan whom I have never met, I am forever grateful for your support, encouragement, and comments that bring all of us greater insight.

So I have a request for those of you counted among my faithful readership.  If you find my blogging to be something worth reading, or maybe you have shared one of my posts with a friend, please consider inviting family and friends to signup to receive my (almost) weekly posts.   (All you have to do is go to TheBuddyBlog.com, fill in your email address in the box under “Signup for Email Updates“, and then click the “Click Here” button.)

Who knows, join TheBuddyBlog.com, and maybe you will be inspired to start writing your own collection of keepsake memories.  For it is my hope that in sharing our stories, we bless, inspire, and encourage one another in our journey of faith and life.

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  1. Katy Hall

    It’s a good day when there is a post from the Buddy Blog! ❤️


    1. Buddy McElhannon

      Thanks Katy. You made my day


  2. Tracy L Garner

    I read every one of your posts! Well done, friend!


    1. Buddy McElhannon

      Thanks Tracy. That’s high praise indeed.


  3. Bob Hendrix

    Thank you Buddy. I .have shared with My family and I know one son has signed up (saves me forwarding). We do enjoy the stories.


  4. Janie Blount Wicker

    Thank you for sharing hope, truth, the journey, the next step of heaven, the sacrifices, the Good News, and Jesus!


    1. Buddy McElhannon

      Thanks Janie. Your feedback means a lot.


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