Female Reindeer?

We had our now traditional Christmas Eve Eve Family Gathering yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed the blessings of being together with sons and daughters and spouses and GRANDKIDS!!!!!  The joys of Christmas are magnified when celebrated with family.

And, as usually happens when this clan gathers, memories are made, and stories are created for future Christmas reflections — and funny moments abound.  So much so that this blogger grandfather is given firm instructions —  “This is NOT blog-fodder, DAD!”  That said, there is one story no one said I could not share.


Earlier this month, I sent out a list of 15 Christmas-related questions with the intent that sometime during our family get-together, the adults would gather around the outdoor fireplace. Then I, as the Family Patriarch, would share an answer to one of those questions.  With their favorite beverage in hand, everyone else would guess who among them was the author.

The questions varied from their best Christmas gift to their worst, from the one thing they always put in their hot chocolate to the one thing they’d love to have in their stocking.

But one question delivered more laughs than expected, “Who is your favorite reindeer?

Simple enough question.  As expected, most of us answered “Rudolph.”

One daughter answered all of them with the explanation that, “Hey, they can fly, so all of them are my favorite.

But another answer drew the most attention. “All the reindeer are my favorite because they are all female!


When asked to explain, my daughter educated us on a little-known fact — all male reindeer lose their antlers before winter. Therefore, Santa’s reindeer, all of whom have antlers, are female.  Right?

Not so fast, Ms. Mistletoe.

I explained to everyone that a Google search had revealed more to the story. There is, in fact, one exception.  Castrated male reindeer will keep their antlers longer.  Therefore Santa’s antler-bearing reindeer could either be female or castrated males.

There was an awkward silence.  

No doubt, everyone was thinking, “Poor Rudolph.”

Until I quickly moved on with, “What’s your favorite Christmas cookie?

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

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  1. npwcorp@bellsouth.net

    That was waaaay to funny.


  2. Sandy Henderson

    You MUST share your list of questions (at your convenience-future christmas). Merry merry Christmas Buddy! S



  3. swgyz59

    Thanks, Buddy: Thought I would share this now-favorite story of Christmas from our priest at tonight’s Mass: when Father Brian was the pastor at a church in Orlando he was preparing for the Christmas Eve Mass and discovered that the baby Jesus figurine was missing from the large crèche at the front of the church. He began looking everywhere, assuming that someone had put it in the sacristy or the room off the church entrance. He began to get very concerned before a little boy pulled a red wagon into the church with the baby Jesus inside. When Fr. Brian said he was pleased to see the baby returned and asked why the boy had the figurine in his wagon, the boy replied, “I promised Jesus I would give him a ride if I got a new wagon for Christmas.” And that, Fr. Brian explained, is an example of a gift given just as God gave us His love with His Son. Powerful.

    Merry Christmas.




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