I Agree with Kermit

There’s a cute image of Kermit the Frog floating around the internet.  He’s laying on his back shouting, “I’m not turning my clock back on Sunday.  The last thing we need is an extra hour of 2020!!!”

 I agree with you Kermit.  I refuse to give this year one more freaking hour.

Of all days, Daylight Savings Time ends today, October 31st, and tonight, we are to set our clocks back one hour. Coincidentally, for the first time since 1944, there is a full moon on Halloween. 

Can this year get any more weird?

Stop the Change.  Can we fast forward instead?  Midnight New Year’s Eve and 2021 can’t get here fast enough. 

I am tired of the pandemic, the politics, and the protests in this polarized culture we live in…with our ever-present masks and ever-ready hand sanitizer.

I am tired of being held responsible for things that happened before I was born, while others are not held responsible for what they are doing today.

I am tired of the lack of civility between people of different viewpoints.  Even the Girl Scouts cannot be magnanimous and offer congratulations to Amy Coney Barrett for her confirmation to the Supreme Court without being attacked by liberals and forced to retract the message and apologize.  Seriously?

I am tired of having to be so politically correct that I cannot say Black Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter, All Lives Matter without being accused of being a Marxist or a racist.

I am tired of seeing women’s sports finally gaining traction only to be forced to allow men — who think they are women — to compete with them in THEIR sport — only to be called transphobic to object to such nonsense.

I am tired of the cowardice of leaders who cannot resist the insane demands of the cancel culture, such as when the Boston Art Commission unanimously voted to remove a 141-year-old statue of former President Abraham Lincoln freeing a slave. The commission said the statue was racially insensitive because it appears to show the slave kneeling before Lincoln. Supporters of the statue said the slave is rising up now that he is free. The Boston statue is a copy of one in Washington, D.C., where a mob threatened to topple the statue. The statue in Washington was paid for by freed slaves and dedicated by black abolitionist Frederick Douglass. 

2020 is the year where truth is whatever the mob says it is!

Sorry for the rant.  Just getting tired of the nonsense.

On second thought…

I could use that extra hour to pray.  

Pray for the elderly affected by COVID-19, that seniors are ascribed dignity and that God may give them a hunger for Christ.

Pray for the medically fragile and people affected by disability and for parents of special-needs children.

Pray for the pre-born, vulnerable infants with disabilities and pregnant women considering abortion.

Pray for those experiencing depression, those suffering from the spirit of suicide and for just legislation that values life.

Pray for God to lift the darkness and heaviness of our self-centered culture and create within us the desire to put others first.

Pray for God to raise up GOOD SAMARITANS, family caregivers, nurses, and healthcare workers.

Ask the Holy Spirit to search our hearts, convict us of sin so that we would repent from our wicked ways.

Hey Kermit, maybe that extra hour can be put to better use with more prayer and less complaining.  No matter the year, no matter the circumstances, no matter the insanity of the current culture, and no matter who is President, remember, God is still sovereign.  

But His justice will not be silent forever.  

We better pray for mercy too.

True prayer is neither a mere mental exercise nor a vocal performance. It is far deeper than that.  It is spiritual transaction with the Creator of Heaven and Earth. – Charles Spurgeon

Note:  Prayer outline inspired by Joni Eareckson Tada, National Prayer Webinar, October 30, 2020.

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  1. Bob Hendrix

    Amen Buddy!!! Our hope is in the Lord and his love for us. I really enjoy reading your posts and they are right on.


  2. Cathy Rhodenizer

    Well said. I’ve stopped looking at most of the news outlets because of all the craziness. But it should push me to more prayer so thanks for the reminder :).



    I agree with you and Kermit Buddy.


  4. Donna Sandy

    Amen! Did you listen to family talk (Dobson) last Friday? He played a moving homily from a fabulous catholic priest. Thanks for the sanity! Ds
    Sent from my iPhone


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