Pitching a Fit

A recent conversation with my wife inspired me to write the following summary of that verbal exchange.  I titled it, Pitching a Fit.

Pitching a Fit

My wife bought a Fitbit.

Then a smart-scale to link to it.

Now, a Fitbit, says she, I am to git.

In our budget, says I, it may not fit.

Don’t be a twit, says she.  Get fit.

I‘d rather sit.

She pitched a hissy fit.

A benefit, it might be, say I.

I’ll consider it.

Don’t be a nitwit, says she, and buy a counterfeit.

It must be a Fitbit.

I think I’d rather have a banana split.

But see no benefit trying to outwit.

An obit, she says, may have to be writ. 

That settles it.

Getting a Fitbit, lickety-split.

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  1. npwcorp@bellsouth.net

    That is too good.


  2. Eric Robyn

    Very clever, Buddy … good one!



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