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  • Friendship is a Sheltering Tree

    Friendship is a Sheltering Tree

    Receiving yet another “friend request” on Facebook, I paused before hitting the confirm button. I knew the person, they were an acquaintance. But it got me thinking, how do I define friendship? My “Friends” on Facebook have heretofore been a combination of close and extended family, personal friends, acquaintances, along with others who appear to […]

  • How to Handle an Angry Spatula

    How to Handle an Angry Spatula

    Friends, this Reflection is one I wrote over a year ago. However, a few women have asked that I reprint it on my new blog. Apparently, they want their husbands to read it AGAIN. This started out as one of those unsolicited advice letters to my sons and sons-in-law that I periodically offer them in […]

  • Cupid, We Have A Problem

    Uh-oh. Cupid, we have a problem. Or do we? For the first time in 73 years, Ash Wednesday will fall on February 14th otherwise known as St. Valentine’s Day. For those of us whose Christian faith tradition includes the Lenten season of fasting and prayer, this awkward conflict between sacred and secular poses a potential […]

  • True Measure Of A Man

    Today I received a new catalog.  You know the one, or ten, or twenty you get because you once bought a shirt from an affiliated company.  And just in case I may have moved, the address included the all-encompassing “Current Resident.”  Normally such (im)personal correspondence goes directly into the round file.  But today’s cover caught […]

  • Don’t Call Me Ma’am …………… And Other Fine Print in My Marriage Vows

    Recently my wife and I celebrated our three month wedding anniversary. Although we had dated for a year before marriage, there is, as I soon discovered, still much to learn about one another. One topic recently discussed dealt with why women have a love affair with pillows. The fact that pillows number in the double […]

  • What Is It with Women and Pillows?

    What Is It with Women and Pillows?

    Surveys by the National Sleep Foundation indicate that the average American family has 2.2 pillows per bed. Sounds about right to me. Or so I thought. As a widower for six years, I slept in a bed with a single pillow. When I occasionally made the bed up, I placed two sleeping pillows and 2 […]

  • What I Learned from Hugh Hefner

    Hugh Hefner died last week. The publisher of Playboy Magazine was hailed by some as a pioneer of free speech and sexual liberation. Others have castigated him as one who made a career out of objectifying women. His legacy will be debated for years to come. Few will disagree, however, that his Playboy empire paved […]