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  • 18 Things I Learned About Our 18th President – Ulysses S. Grant

    18 Things I Learned About Our 18th President – Ulysses S. Grant

    I am a son of the South. Growing up in Georgia in the 1950s and 1960s, I became fascinated with the Civil War and all its history, so much of it having occurred in my home state. With the carving on nearby Stone Mountain displaying images of Robert E.Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and Jefferson Davis, Southern […]

  • Don’t Forget The Dads

    Don’t Forget The Dads

    You may have read recently about a New York elementary school canceling their annual Father-Daughter Dance in the name of inclusivity, citing a new city education guideline to “eliminate” any “gender-based” practices unless they have a “clear” educational purpose. What you probably did not hear about was how one Dallas, Texas school chose to recognize […]

  • The Nay-Nay of Shopping

    The Nay-Nay of Shopping

    To the Men I know, Learning how to shop with your spouse may be one of those necessary skills every husband should have in his matrimonial tool bag. Developing that skill will require you to master the art of grazing. Disclaimer Alert: Some may perceive the following Reflection as politically incorrect. However, research by the Wharton […]

  • Friendship is a Sheltering Tree

    Friendship is a Sheltering Tree

    Receiving yet another “friend request” on Facebook, I paused before hitting the confirm button. I knew the person, they were an acquaintance. But it got me thinking, how do I define friendship? My “Friends” on Facebook have heretofore been a combination of close and extended family, personal friends, acquaintances, along with others who appear to […]

  • A Public Service Announcement – Inspired by a 100-year-Old​ Memory

    It’s flu season and don’t we know it. News reports indicate as many as 4,000 Americans are dying of the flu each week. Rather large and colorful signs adorn the walls of my doctor’s office detailing the cautionary steps we should take to avoid the flu. Still, no one has to remind me to take […]

  • Wandering In A Vast Wasteland

      I took a trip recently……to a vast wasteland called afternoon television.  It is a place rarely visited by this wandering soul.  And I would not have visited it at all except for a clumsy stumble on some brick steps.