The Gentlemen’s Guide To The Do’s and Don’ts of a Valentine’s Day Card

For all you romantically-challenged gentlemen who struggle to navigate the minefield of expectations that accompanies every February 14th, I have a suggestion. AT LEAST BUY HER A VALENTINE’S DAY CARD! Last Valentine's Day, my wife stopped by the card section at our local Publix supermarket in hopes of finding the perfect Valentine’s card for you … Continue reading The Gentlemen’s Guide To The Do’s and Don’ts of a Valentine’s Day Card

Clarifying Confusing Culinary Terms

I am a man uneasy with vagueness, approximations, and the lack of specificity. For me,  “Close enough” is the mission statement of mediocrity. I am an analytical, left-brain, logical, linear thinker that finds peace, confidence, and comfort in knowing specifics and details.  Formulas are meant to be followed.  Recipes specify ingredients for a reason. Deviations … Continue reading Clarifying Confusing Culinary Terms

The Summer I Learned to Read

Friends, Today, January 23rd,  is National Reading Day.  Reading is something many of us take for granted, but after hearing my wife share about her own experience of learning to read English, I asked permission to share her story on my blog.  I hope you find it encouraging as well. ***************************************************************** The Summer I Learned … Continue reading The Summer I Learned to Read

Amen to That!

Apparently, in an effort to be more gender- and deity-inclusive, House Democratic Representative Emanuel Cleaver of Missouri ended the opening prayer of 117th Congress this past Sunday with “Amen and a-woman.” I guess he forgot to say, “a-person.” Was he making a joke?  Nobody is laughing. To make matters even more confusing, Rep. Cleaver is … Continue reading Amen to That!