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  • One More Day

    Yesterday was a rainy day in Georgia, with the kind of rhythmic dance upon the roof that prompts you to either take a nap or read a good book.   The calming, constant pitter-patter promoted a healthy ambiance that comforted my soul.  Rather than reading or napping, I used the soothing backdrop of tranquility to […]

  • A God Who Stoops

    I love Max Lucado. I love the way he writes, the way he tells a story, and the way he creates images that forever linger in your mind.  A gifted writer who nourishes your soul is a rare commodity these days.  But calling Lucado a gifted writer is like saying Niagara has a nice Fall.  […]

  • Adorning the Dark

    Adorning the Dark

    In a year known for its unexpected events, there is one certainty, 2020 will be a year remembered primarily as the Year of the Pandemic when life became more about surviving than living. How much longer this lasts remains to be seen.  We yearn to return to normal.  Or, as one Facebook post shouted: “2020 […]

  • It’s Sunday Morning in My Soul

    It’s Sunday Morning in My Soul

       Sunday mornings today are far different from those of my mid-20th century childhood.  I recall here in the Bible Belt of the American South, most stores were closed on Sunday, and church parking lots were full. My family rarely attended church services, so I do not have any poignant memories of church life of […]

  • It’s Lent But Easter’s Coming!

    It’s Lent But Easter’s Coming!

    Growing up in suburban Atlanta in the 1950s and 1960s, I recall how every Friday of each Spring, my family avoided eating out at a nearby fish restaurant (Rio Vista).  I was told it was because Catholics ate fish on Fridays due to something called Lent. And Rio Vista was always crowded on Fridays. When […]