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  • The Great Collectible

    Since 2010, America has been fascinated with a History Channel television reality series named American Pickers. The camera follows Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz as they scour the country looking for antiques and collectible items. Mike has a penchant for old motorcycles; Frank adores antique toys. Regardless, these two fun-loving, affable characters scrounge through dilapidated […]

  • Is the Bible Overrated?

    The New York elite have spoken out once again. For us unsophisticated illiterates who live outside the cultural center of the universe, prepare to be enlightened. According to a New York City-based magazine, the Bible is overrated. First, it was the New Yorker Magazine who published an article on April 13th titled, “Chick-fil-A’s Creepy Infiltration of […]