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  • Living Southern – When Your Wife Is Not

    Living Southern – When Your Wife Is Not

    Any Southern man worth his grits can spot a woman not native to the Southland. Her dress, her demeanor, or her dialogue will give her away.  I considered it a gift from God to have grown up in the American South.  Needless to say, when I started dating again after being a widower for several […]

  • Drinking from My Saucer

    Drinking from My Saucer

    It was January 1969, and I had started dating the teenage girl who would eventually become my wife.  That year found me hanging around the Smith household many evenings, weekends, and just as often as Mom and Pop Smith would allow this lovestruck teenager to linger. My future mother-in-law often enjoyed a cup of coffee […]

  • Living Southern – In the Peach State of Happiness

    Living Southern – In the Peach State of Happiness

    No Georgian has to look at a calendar to know that it is now July in Georgia. There is ample evidence that sauna-time has hit the Southland. Just step outside and be greeted with the invisible monsoon. Summertime is defined in Georgia as “you gonna sweat a lot.” Well, at least, men will sweat. In […]

  • Living Southern: Biscuits​ or Cornbread?

    A recent visit to the local Cracker Barrell Restaurant reminded me of a colossal culinary conundrum we Southerners occasionally face. Biscuits or cornbread? The question posed by the waitress was innocent enough, though she had no idea of the brain cell paralysis her request induced. Some folks struggle with similar but otherwise inconsequential questions. Scrambled […]