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  • A Teachable Moment

    It was November 2000 when my twenty-something-year-old daughter, who shall remain anonymous, called me in tears.  On her way to a concert in Atlanta, she had been stopped not once, but twice, by the police — an amazing feat I hoped that neither she, nor any of her four siblings, would ever repeat.   I […]

  • Life Lessons I Have Learned from My Children

    Life Lessons I Have Learned from My Children

    Wait a minute!  I’m the father. I’m the grandfather.  I’m the one that is supposed to be the role model, the one leaving a legacy.  Then why in the name of ancestral protocol am I the one learning life lessons from my own children?   Yes, this father has indeed garnered a powerful lesson from […]

  • Generational Thunder – The Tale of Two Women

    Actions have consequences. More often than we may know, those consequences roll down like thunder across generations. For most of us, our parents have the most significant influence upon us. For others, it may be an uncle, an aunt, a close friend, a sports coach or a Sunday School teacher. Looking back over my formative […]