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  • The Throne of A Mother’s Grace

    The Throne of A Mother’s Grace

    Friends, Two years ago, I shared via email, a Reflection I titled “Throne of a Mother’s Grace.” Now, with nine grandchildren and Mother’s Day 2018 approaching, I thought I’d honor all of you moms out there by posting an updated version on my new blog. Hope it sparks a few memories of your own. Enjoy, […]

  • Adorable Baseball

    Adorable Baseball

    I never ever thought I’d use the words adorable and baseball in the same sentence, much less a title to a blog post. My apologies to Cooperstown. Traveling to Greensboro recently, my wife and I watched our grandson play second base for the Greene County Athletics. Hitting leadoff, on his first swing, he hammered a […]

  • Don’t Forget The Dads

    Don’t Forget The Dads

    You may have read recently about a New York elementary school canceling their annual Father-Daughter Dance in the name of inclusivity, citing a new city education guideline to “eliminate” any “gender-based” practices unless they have a “clear” educational purpose. What you probably did not hear about was how one Dallas, Texas school chose to recognize […]