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  • Living Southern – When Your Wife Is Not

    Living Southern – When Your Wife Is Not

    Any Southern man worth his grits can spot a woman not native to the Southland. Her dress, her demeanor, or her dialogue will give her away.  I considered it a gift from God to have grown up in the American South.  Needless to say, when I started dating again after being a widower for several […]

  • My Favorite Books on Marriage, aka The Books with the Yellow Highlights

    My Favorite Books on Marriage, aka The Books with the Yellow Highlights

    Most of my readers know by now that I am a lover of books.  My children have come to expect at least one literary Christmas gift every year and to not be surprised if, on occasion, an unexpected tome arrives on their doorstep from Amazon.  Such are the consequences of having a father who is […]

  • You Want Me to Buy What?

    You Want Me to Buy What?

    One of our daughters and her one-year-old son stopped by the house recently for dinner.  She had just returned from a visit to the pediatrician where she learned that her son only had a cold and not the flu.  While there, the doctor also determined he had a worse-than-average diaper rash. Hearing my wife and […]

  • Always Keep Dating

    I must be doing something right. My wife complimented me tonight after dinner. Don’t laugh, it happens. This particular evening prompted an unexpected and pleasantly surprising comment. One I thought worth sharing with you romantically challenged guys out there. As I was cleaning up the dishes, Patrice commented that “Dinner with you is always like […]

  • The 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 Most Important Words A Husband Can Say

    The 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 Most Important Words A Husband Can Say

    Words are powerful. They have the power to build up or tear down. In marriage, they can encourage or humiliate your spouse…and such words can echo for years to come. Men, it is your choice as a husband whether you want your words and actions to bless your wife or abuse her. Learning to be […]

  • The Cha-Ching of Coffee

    The Cha-Ching of Coffee

    Newsflash! There is growing evidence that the way to a woman’s heart is through her coffee cup. Yep, I think I have stumbled across a previously unknown factor in the male-female dynamic. A new axiom that will forever change the way marriage counselors ply their trade. Henceforth, husbands will be told in no uncertain terms……..”There […]

  • ​The Dutch Code in Love and War

    ​The Dutch Code in Love and War

    I have no idea what it is like to be separated from your wife during a time of war. My wife Kathryn Patrice and I have never spent more than three days apart. My late wife Mary and I never spent more than two weeks apart. Maybe that’s why I found a 1940’s note by […]

  • Tee Time?

    Tee Time?

    My wife approached with an inspiring grin on her face. “Now that I am retired, I am hoping we could share a tee time soon.” Startled, my only response was an enthusiastic “Sure!” I remembered she does have a pink golf bag stuffed with a complete set of irons and woods adorned with pink headcovers. […]

  • The Story Behind the Book I Never Wanted to Write

    This post is about a book I never wanted to write, but one I needed to write. It is a book about grief, my own heart-rendering, spirit-crushing journey through the valley of tears. Why would I be so transparent about something so intrinsically personal? Here’s the story behind the book. In 2005, I lost my […]

  • A Nose to the Grindstone

    A Nose to the Grindstone

    A recent trip to the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains found my wife and I enjoying the fresh air and cool Springtime weather as we explored scenic mountain roads, antique stores, and pottery shops in and around the Alpine Village of Helen, Georgia. One of the highlights of our visit was a stop at […]