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  • Dads Are Always Going To Be Dads

    Dads Are Always Going To Be Dads

    Newsflash, dads are always going to be dads.  Just ask Jordan Spieth.  Jordan Spieth, 27,  is one of the more popular young professional golfers on the PGA Tour.  A three-time Majors Champion, and winner of 14 professional tournaments, Spieth is known as one of the nicest guys to play the game.  Mothers want to adopt […]

  • The Most Successful Man I Ever Knew

    On this Father’s Day 2020, I thought I might share a reflection about my Dad. A couple of weeks before my Dad passed away in August of 2005, I had the opportunity to sit with him in his hospital room and talk, one-on-one.  We talked about his health, about family, and about faith.   He […]