Retirement 103 – Can A Marriage Survive the Retirement Years?

It was 1999, and my wife (Tootie) and I were looking forward to retirement.  At 48, all five of our children had left home.  Though our golden years were still over a decade away, our nest was empty, and we relished the next season of “our time.”  For some couples, the empty nest season may … Continue reading Retirement 103 – Can A Marriage Survive the Retirement Years?

Supper’s Ready

The power of words to change hearts is something I will never fully understand.  Appreciate?  Yes.  Understand?  No. A certain survey asked Americans what they longed to hear someone say to them.  Three answers stood out.  The first one is no surprise.  “I love you.”  The second one you might have guessed.  “I forgive you.”  … Continue reading Supper’s Ready

A Real Superhero

What is it with children and superheroes?  It has become a normal, if not natural part of childhood to become fascinated with mythological caped crusaders who lead exemplary lives, fight evil, and seek to save the world.  Who from my generation cannot remember the opening line from a popular television series of the 1950s — … Continue reading A Real Superhero