Month: March 2022

  • Woke is Broke

    I usually steer clear of too much political opining, but a recent Facebook post by a friend prompted me to ponder in writing what it means to be “woke.”  Unless you have been on Mars for the past several years, you know that the verb describing the status of sleep has morphed into an adjective […]

  • The Wings of Angels

    COVID is a curse, straight from the Pit. I know people who have had it, and I know people who have died from it.  The reflection below is a true account of an event last Fall.  What exactly happened, neither my wife nor I are completely sure. What we do know is that regardless of […]

  • I Love Pink Balls and I Cannot Lie

    I Love Pink Balls and I Cannot Lie

    Allow me to be more specific.  I love pink GOLF balls.  Especially the pink florescent golf balls given to me by my granddaughter. For you non-golfers out there, golf balls come in a variety of colors with white being the dominant color by far.  Unless you are playing in the snow, then you have bigger […]