Month: June 2019

  • They Are Always Watching

    They Are Always Watching

    The title of the opinion piece caught my eye. “Dear militant feminists, stop messing it up for the rest of us.” The author, Carol Roth, is a “recovering” investment banker, bestselling author of “The Entrepreneur Equation,” and television news contributor.  The article (1) expresses her fears that good manners are being killed because some women…

  • Real Comfort Food

    Real Comfort Food

    While running several errands one day, my wife suggested we grab lunch at her favorite Thai Restaurant.  I like Thai food — sort of.  My favorite cuisines are Mexican, Mexican, Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Georgian (as in Republic of), and French.  Thai is on the list, I just don’t know where. Ordering a Southern Thai…

  • Resume Virtues vs. Eulogy Virtues

    Resume Virtues vs. Eulogy Virtues

    This past week, my family held a reunion at Jekyll Island.  My children, spouses, and grandchildren — all twenty of us —  came together for five fun-filled days on this Georgia Gem of a barrier island.  We had a blast. Following our clan’s visit to Driftwood Beach, my wife and I snuck away for a…